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Speed Coaching is your invitation to attend any of our free, open to all regional meet-ups, held in dozens of cities each year where you can ideate with and lean on experts with food, beverage and craft brewing experience. Samuel Adams began as an idea in a kitchen and we've grown over 33 years through our pioneering spirit, passion and a lot of good advice. There is no better time than now to get yours.

How It Works

Our experts have seen it all: need a new logo, can't find the right employees, need to change the packaging. And yet, no two problems are exactly the same. At Speed Coaching, we will discuss only what's important to you, because we're answering your questions.

After networking and enjoying light fare and Samuel Adams beverages, attendees will participate in multiple coaching sessions with coaches from Sam Adams as well as trusted nonprofit partners and seasoned entrepreneurs. From lending, legal, and marketing to sales, social media, and package design, these experts run the gambit and provide you with the tools to grow your business. Since these are personal one on one coaching sessions, we encourage lots of questions, samples, marketing materials, anything that gets your business to the next level.

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#ProTip: Bring packaging samples, point of sale items, marketing materials. And most importantly, bring LOTS of questions. Anything that can help us help you.

Pitch Room

Brewing ideas is easy for some of us. Selling them is hard. That’s why we’ve created The Brewing the American Dream Pitch Room. The Pitch Room is a competition that teaches rising food and beverage craftspeople how to perfect the art of the sales pitch and provide feedback from high profile judges. If you are a food, beverage, or craft brewing business owner with a packaged product that is currently being sold, apply now for the chance to compete in our local Pitch Room Competitions, for a chance to win $10,000, and a year of coaching from Samuel Adams experts.

How It Works

If you are food, beverage, or craft brewing business owner, apply to the upcoming Pitch Room Competition that is in your region; announced on our Facebook page and Newsletter. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of qualified Samuel Adams experts who will evaluate the entries based on the following criteria: quality of pitch, creativity and uniqueness of product, viability of product, alignment with the Boston Beer values, and entrant’s passion for the product/industry. After review, a communication with be sent to you to set up further logistics if your pitch get selected.

Just because your business is selected, that does not mean Samuel Adams will be investing in your product or idea. Please reach out to btad@samueladams.com with any additional questions.

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Do you have the country's next boundary-pushing idea when it comes to food & beverage? You have two minutes to tell us about it.

Coaching Calls

While entrepreneurs are experts at their craft, sometimes there is a need for formal business training or years of experience. That’s where we can help! We have over 35 years of honing our skills in a whole range of business disciplines and we’d like you to benefit from that. Samuel Adams expertise is one call away for our program participants who need to reach a Sam Adams coach on any of a range of issues needing timely advice. It’s like having an expert on speed dial.

How It Works

Coaching call requests are accepted on an ongoing basis by reaching our to Brewing the American Dream staff. Sessions are primarily done over the phone with the option of video conferencing if applicable. Or, we are happy to help over email if that is preferred.

Business owners who take advantage of our coaching calls better prepared to succeed. Reach out to Brewing the American staff to learn how to apply!

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Feel like your social media needs a shot of creativity? No problem. Rethinking your packaging and want an expert opinion before you pull the trigger? Sure, we can help.


The hardest part of getting your passion off the ground? Getting a loan. An overwhelming number of our country’s small business ideas are deemed unbankable, meaning they can’t get traditional bank loans; especially in the “risky” food & beverage world. Jim had that same problem when he started Sam Adams and our mission is to fix that.

How It Works

Ready for your loan? Here are the basic requirements in order to qualify*:

  • No active bankruptcy, mortgage modifications, foreclosure, tax liens/judgments without payment plan.
  • No slow pay on business and personal rent payments, credit payments, etc.
  • Ability to repay loans either through income or profitable business (collateral or co-signer may be required)
  • Business does not involve real estate development, non-profit organization, exporting, multi-level marketing, lending, or adult entertainment
Reach Out To Accion Opportunity Fund

Brewing the American Dream works with nonprofit lending partners that offer a range of loan products and expertise. Accessing loan capital allows small businesses to hire staff, upgrade equipment, secure space, buy inventory and lay the foundation for continued growth.

Brewer Experienceship

Since 2012, Samuel Adams has annually invited one craft brewer to benefit from one of the most incredible programs in the industry: to come to our Boston Brewery, work side by side with our team of experts and mentors, learn the craft and business of craft brewing, and then collaborate on a special beer with Samuel Adams.

How It Works

The Brewing & Business Experienceship recognizes and supports local brewers across the country; helping to keep the craft brewing revolution going. The program is simple: one applicant is chosen each year to come to Boston and learn at the brewery that started it all. We share our brewing experience, our business acumen, our marketing expertise, and provide financial support and funding to check out important business building and networking events like The Great American Beer Festival.

It’s our way of helping up-and-coming brewers pursue their dreams to keep the passion and innovation behind the craft beer revolution going (and growing).

Please reach out to brewingtheamericandream@bostonbeer.com with any additional questions.

View the 2023-2024 Brewer Experienceship Eligibility document here.
Click the link below to complete your application.
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Starting a craft beer revolution more than three decades ago was just a start. We believe our business goes beyond our beer and should champion the hard work and pioneering spirits of other brewers.

Unable to qualify for a bank loan due to the risky nature of their business, they were referred to Accion for a loan to help with start-up costs. Flounder Brewing Co. opened in Hillsborough, NJ in 2013 as one of the first nano-scale breweries and only the 12th licensed brewery in the state.

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Flounder Brewing Co.

A 2011 loan from the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program helped Woods share his unique vision of local beer through what's now become a small community of brewpubs, from the foggy Pacific shore to downtown Oakland to an island in the heart of it all, in the middle of the Bay itself.

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Woods Beer & Wine Co.

Chris found Accion and the Brewing the American Dream program where he got more than a loan, he gained a second family of beer lovers as passionate as he is. ROC Brewing Co. was one of the first breweries to participate in our Brewing and Business Experienceship program.

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Roc Brewing Co.


Entrepreneurs need to be able to showcase their quality, passion, and unique product in a short amount of time to make a lasting impression and get their product sold through different channels. The Brewing the American Dream Bootcamp will help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level! Whether it’s talking to a buyer of a national chain, selling products at a local corner store, or collaborating with a social media influencer, our Bootcamp will equip entrepreneurs with a solid foundation of how to get their product in front of new customers.

How It Works

The Brewing the American Dream Bootcamp will bring together a group of New England based food and beverage businesses that sell packaged products for a four-week program. Both virtually and in person, the entrepreneurs will get to work with Samuel Adams coaches with expertise in branding, sales, packaging, legal, digital marketing, and more. The program will culminate in a celebratory event where entrepreneurs will take part in our business showcase and have the chance to compete in our Boston pitch competition. After the program, these food and beverage entrepreneurs will be prepared to take their business to the next level.

Since 2008, Brewing the American Dream has supported entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and dreams. We are excited to bring the Bootcamp to life and to celebrate Brewing the American Dream’s 15 years of small business impact.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be at least 21 years old to apply.
  • Your business must be located in New England: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont.
  • You must be at least a 50% owner of a food or beverage business that currently sells packaged products.
  • You must have a business bank account.
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Ready, Set, Pitch! Learn all you need in our Bootcamp to get your product in front of more customers.


Need help on a specific area of expertise? Seeking advice but there is too much on your plate to go to any in person events? Our comprehensive one hour coaching and discussion sessions on current trending topics for food and beverage business entrepreneurs are curated to meet the ever growing needs of small business owners just like yourself.

How It Works

Need help on a specific area of expertise? Seeking advice but there is too much on your plate to go to any in person events? Our webinars are curated to meet the ever growing needs of small business owners just like yourself.

Webinars will be hosted on a quarterly to bi-monthly basis. The best way to sign up as an attendee is to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook. Once the webinar is announced, a link will be provided on how to sign up!

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Each webinar is recorded and then shared in the Resource section, available to you anytime you want to go back and review.

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Hungry for more? Check out our Resources page for more how-to videos and advice.


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Not a loan recipient yet? Learn more about our nonprofit partners at Accion Opportunity Fund, who can help you access affordable capital for your business.


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