Calling All Craftspeople!

America is built on the dreams and triumphs of people who took a chance to pursue better. Driven by the pioneering spirit that made our country so very great from its inception, we have supported thousands of other craftspeople growing their own small business.

Passion, Hard Work, & Perseverance

Jim Koch started Sam Adams in his kitchen in 1984, when imports and mass domestics were the only option for beer lovers. In turn, he ignited a revolution, the craft beer movement, inspiring a whole new category that’s produced millions of jobs in communities from coast-to-coast. It’s not just about brewing a better beer. It’s about waking up every day to do something you love.

In the wake of his success, and with a passion for supporting entrepreneurs who are in the place he once was in, in 2008 Jim launched a philanthropic program that embodies our pursuit of better called Brewing the American Dream.

Driven by the pursuit of the American Dream

Key Milestones

Brewing A Dream


The Beginning

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream launches with first loan recipient


The Dream Grows

Expansion from Boston to Northeast communities


You've got 2 minutes

Brewing the American Dream hosts the first ever Pitch Room Competition


Online Dreams

The first Brewing the American Dream Webinars are launched.


Across the Country

Brewing the American Dream goes National


Supporting Small Businesses

Sam Adams and its nonprofit lending partners celebrate $15 million lent through Brewing the American Dream


Happy Birthday

Brewing the American Dream celebrates its 10 year anniversary


Increasing Our Impact

Brewing the American Dream expands the circle of nonprofit partners powering the program to support small business owners

We're Proud of the Impact We've Made Together


Entrepreneurs Coached


In Food & Beverage Loans


Jobs Retained & Created


States Participated

From providing thousands of small business owners with critical advice to gaining access to capital, together with our nonprofit lending partners, we help people pursue their passion.

A Part of the Family

Our program participants really inspire our work. Because as we see it, we’re all in this together. Check out a few highlights from some of the men and women pursuing their American Dream.

When Riccardo Romero couldn't get a bank loan to finance his first restaurant, he relied on money borrowed from friends. Ultimately, he received a loan through Brewing the American Dream's nonprofit lending partner, which enabled him to expand his original location to almost double its size.

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Arepas Cafe

After being laid off in 2009, Kris Schoenberger decided it was time to build something of his own.He hosted a cookout at his home for a hundred people and on the way out, a close friend asked Kris to cater his wedding. The rest is history.

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BBQ'd Productions

BeeHive Oven began in 2012 when hurricane Sandy hit New York. Chef Treva Chadwell and her husband John used the recipes and flavors that they grew up with in Texas to prepare delicious food for volunteers helping with the recovery and those effected. In May 2014 BeeHive Oven opened its first restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY serving comfort food that takes one to a feeling of “home.”

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Beehive Oven

Dinah Grossman was a pastry chef with 17 years of experience when she found and bought her grandmother’s childhood soda shop from the 1920’s. With the help of Brewing the American Dream, Spinning J's first year of business, Dinah and her husband and co-owner grew the staff from five to 17 employees.

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Spinning J

Jessica Spaulding learned to make all types of chocolate at just 10 years old. Today she produces bars, bark, and brownies inspired by the rich ethnic heritage of her native Harlem community.

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Harlem Chocolate Factory

Adventure loving surfer, Brad Keiller, pursued his dream in opening up his very own donut shop. Nomad Donuts was born out of the core value of exploration; from flavors to experiences and everything nook and cranny in-between. Despite their worldly tastes, Nomad Donuts is very passionate about their North Park, CA community.

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Nomad Donuts

“I want to enable people to do something that conventional wisdom suggests they would not be able to do.”

- Jim Koch