Small Business. Big Dreams.

With a passion for supporting entrepreneurs who are in the place he once was in, Jim Koch launched a philanthropic program that embodies our pursuit of better called Brewing the American Dream. Since 2008, Brewing the American Dream supports local food and beverage entrepreneurs across the U.S. with much-needed access to capital, networks, and business coaching to fuel the craft food and beverage revolution.

Our Beer Doesn't Just Taste Good, It Does Good!

Let us introduce you to Funkytown Brewery, a Black-owned brewery in Chicago, and the winner of the 12th annual Samuel Adams Brewing & Business Experienceship. We are so proud to have Funkytown join the ranks of the many craft brewers that we have been able to support with unparalleled access to brewing and business resources from Samuel Adams experts through our Experienceship program! Funkytown Brewery was founded by childhood friends Rich Bloomfield, Zack Day, and Greg Williams. The brewery’s mission is to introduce craft beer to underserved communities and provide a deeper understanding of different beer styles, tasting notes, aromas, and colors.

“Winning Brewing the American Dream’s Brewing & Business Experienceship feels amazing at this stage of our business as we are taking the next steps to expand operations and increase awareness of our brand,” -Rich Bloomfield, Funkytown Co-Founder.

Samuel Adams

American Light

Sourcing only American ingredients, American Light is the better light beer choice. Smooth, easy-drinking, clean, crisp, and Made in America, American Light is the perfect brew for tailgates, beach days, and everything in between.

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Revolutionaries Wanted!

Want In?

Following the crowd would mean there would be no neighborhood bakeries, mom & pop diners, local breweries, and the unthinkable- no Samuel Adams. Since 2008, our Brewing the American Dream program has made it possible for small business entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and add their unique flavor to the world. Want in?

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