Brewery Rickoli

Rick Abitbol


A native of Wheat Ridge, CO, Rick Abitbol always wanted to own his own business. Rick had been a professional award-winning brewer along the Front Ridge for over a decade, but when he realized that Wheat Ridge didn’t have its own brewery, he decided it was go time! 

In November 2012, he opened Brewery Rickoli, “dedicated to providing the local neighborhood with a place to relax and have a pint close to home.” 

Starting his own business wasn’t easy for Rick, and that was where Brewing the American Dream came in. After attending one of the program’s Speed Coaching events, Rick applied for and was quickly approved for a $10,000 loan from Accion to cover start-up costs. 

Now, Rick is focused on a new project - “making gluten-free beers that don’t suck.” While other breweries have experimented with gluten-free beer, it’s often offered in only a few flavors. Rick aims to change that with gluten-free beer in varieties like Vanilla Rye Stout and Black IPA. Rick was awarded the 2013 Brewing and Business Experienceship  competition and brewed a limited release collaboration beer with our brewers, a gluten-reduced stout called Oats McGoats. 


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